As a Nutritionist & Life Coach, your health and wellbeing are my priority. That’s why our sessions are filled with key information so that when you leave my clinic, I know that you have the tools to drive forward to reach your goals. However, there are times I think to myself; will they be accountable and responsible to make sure they’re following ‘the plan’ that we agreed to?

By definition accountability is taking responsibility for your actions; easier said than done, right?! Let’s take a look at my 5 tips to ensure YOU’RE accountable for your actions.

  • Make your health a priority by blocking time out in your calendar for ‘lifestyle’ changes – I’m talking about exercising, meditating, yoga, and me time.
  • Plan your meals in advance – there is nothing better than sticking to a meal plan and being prepared.
  • Be honest with your goal setting and monitor your progress – be realistic and break down your goals into small achievable milestones.
  • Find a training buddy who can push you to train. If this is not possible then check in with someone and be accountable for doing the workout you said you were going to do.
  • If you’re having ‘one of those days, and we all have them, where going to the gym is not something you really feel like doing then don’t skip the session, just turn up and rest will work itself out.

If worse comes to worst and you feel like giving up here’s one last tip; reflect on why you started the journey in the first place and if that means you have to print out your mission statement and pin it everywhere in the house then do it! Having your statement in your face at all times might be the key to keeping you motivated.

Take a moment and re-read the 5 tips above and see if you can implement one this week. Remember,  I am here to help you reach your goals or to help you get your health back on track please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Much love


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