Have you ever done something and immediately thought to yourself ‘I shouldn’t have done that’ or ‘that just doesn’t feel right?’. I know I have, and I also know that I’ve done everything in my power to fix it however, there are times when the best lessons in life are learned by fixing our mistakes?

Here are my top 3 personal failures that turned into success stories.

  1. In one of my first professional jobs, I took another role because someone believed in me. Now, that sounds ideal however, I sucked at the role! I was completely out of my comfort zone; I was dealing with vendors who knew their product and I had no idea what they were talking about on top of that my team was getting mad at me for ordering the wrong computer parts. The shame I felt at failing left me no choice but to walk away from the job which was a shame because I loved the company! The lesson learned was that if you don’t really believe in the job, don’t take it. I have used this philosophy since then and have had some wonderful jobs.
  2. Hindsight taught me that your gut instinct is typically right. So, when I was presented with the so-called truth many years ago, I knew it was a lie. However, the thrill of traveling the world and experiencing amazing cultures outweighed everything until reality caught up. At the time walking away from the lies was the easy part what was hard was starting all over again. The lesson learned was to follow your gut and never second guess yourself, your first thought is typically the right one.
  3. Many years ago I jumped on bandwagon of a well-known fitness instructor and did a 12 weeks challenge. During that 12 weeks, I became obsessed with what I ate, and how much I exercised to the point that I thought it was a competition within my group to see who could lose the most weight. What happened was that I lost too much weight, I didn’t look great, but I was thin and that was all that mattered. During that time, I knew what I was doing was classified as obsessive behavior and I knew I was damaged but something in me was triggered to keep going and to this day I am still not over what I did to myself. I’m body conscious when I never used to be, and I still get a little obsessive about how much exercise I do. The big BUT in this scenario is that I took this experience and used it as my drive to become a nutritionist and now life coach. Not a bad outcome but not the best start to the journey either!

In my clinic, I’ve seen it all from diets doing more harm than good, to pushing your limits so much that you fail in the end. These diets and goals are, in most cases, done knowing that something doesn’t feel right but they, like me, felt compelled to continue down the path because they said they’d do it.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to give up when something is not right, try a new tactic, try a new goal, or just take a step back and ask yourself ‘what are you wanting to achieve here?’. You’ll know the answer and while it may not be what you really want but trust me, it will be right!

For assistance in setting realistic goals, I can be reached at info@annedaviesnutritionlifecoach.com.au for further advice.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!



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