I suffer from OCD and while it’s not deliberating it can at times hold me back as BIG changes are daunting. So, stepping outside of my comfort zone takes time and courage as the fear of failure can bring on anxiety.

So, let’s talk about some of the small changes you can make that will ultimately make you feel more in control over your diet, exercise, and even your mindset.


  • If you are required to change your diet due to health concerns, then I have no doubt that alone will create an element of anxiety. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to. Identifying the foods that need to be cut out or incorporated into your diet and creating a simple plan will reduce your anxiety. In addition, it will ensure that the changes you make are embedded into your lifestyle.
  • Or you could decide to start trying new foods. If this is you then start out small and introduce one new fruit/vegetable a month and try it at least 4 different ways. You will either love it or loath it and that’s ok – you tried something new!


  • It’s no surprise that we need to keep our bodies moving and as we get little older modifications need to be made to avoid injury. While it might be hard to give up running look at the positive side you could discover that you enjoy Pilates, barre or even swimming.
  • If you tried something new, what’s the worst thing that could? You could meet new people or spark a new interest in life; kind of exciting if you ask me.


  • This is one area that is harder to change but with the right guidance, it’s not so scary. It’s about changing one thing at a time and not putting too much pressure on yourself. Be kind and set realistic milestones, this will take the pressure off, and change is more likely to occur and stick.

To sum up, there are things we have the power to change and whether we do it gradually or by taking a leap of faith, either way, the goal is to believe in ourselves. By believing in ourselves then stepping outside our comfort zone shouldn’t be so scary. As always, I am here if you need any help with changing any aspect of your life. You can email me at info@annedaviesnutritionlifecoach.com.au


Much love



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