Now that all the Christmas and New Year’s parties are over and the kids have returned to school, it’s time to re-group and focus on the number one priority – YOU!

Before you start thinking about detoxing, diets, and setting crazy goals let’s go back to the basics and that means taking the time to prioritise our goals for the year ahead.

Below are my 5 top tips on being realistic when setting goals

  1. Be specific on what you want to achieve E.g I want to change jobs this year or I want to be able to run in the city to surf.
  2. Ask yourself if you’re able to measure your progress so that you remain on track to reaching the specific goal you’ve identified
  3. Is the goal identified something that when stretch you can achieve it?
  4. Have you identified a goal that you have the right amount of experience & knowledge that you can use to reach?
  5. Is there a drop-dead date on which you need to achieve the goal, such as August for the City to Surf?

These simple questions are designed to help you prioritise your goals so that you’re not setting numerous goals that overlap; ultimately making them too difficult to achieve. REMEMBER – The purpose of planning is to reduce stress!

My tip is to get it all down on paper then start brainstorming on how you’re going to get it all done. Guaranteed your end list will be different from what you started out with and that’s ok because our perspective on our own expectations changes as soon as we see what we’ve written down. So, be realistic and work through the 5 tips and reach out if you need help breaking down your goals into smaller tangible milestones.

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