Upon reflection, I’ve realised that I’ve been putting work first, which we all know is a big NO-NO! We all have our own reasons as to why we work through our lunch breaks and why we check emails out of hours and while I’m in no position to judge you I’m here to remind you to check in on your own priorities. Trust me when I say this but my sanity is more important than a PowerPoint presentation on resource supply & demand! I know my behaviour is not ideal and while I can’t change the past what I can do is re-focus and re-prioritise and not let this become a bad habit.

I understand that we all need to work to make a living however it shouldn’t consume us and if it does, is it for the right reasons? Have we, or, are we sacrificing something or someone for work? I’ll let you ponder on that thought…

You may be wondering how I changed my behaviour well I started booking time in the diary for myself. By simply changing the setting on the appointment I was able to make it private, so no one knew the details! There was no guilt associated with re-prioritising my time as I was investing in myself and my own mental health.

As I reflected on my behaviour I got to thinking; what other actions am I doing that has the same outcome of putting myself last?

  • Do I check my social media as soon as I wake up?
    • Yes, then I take my fur babies for a walk.
  • Do I check my emails before I get out of bed?
    • Yes, but only to gauge how busy (or not) my day will be
  • Do I check my social media or emails before I go to bed?
    • Only social media!
  • Am I working through my lunch breaks?
    • Not anymore!
  • Do I work on the weekends?
    • I don’t call work on my Nutrition & Life Coaching business as work as it’s my passion and in most cases my outlet from the real world.

Ok, I’m not too bad but clearly, there’s room for improvement such as swapping my phone for a night for my book!

Now it’s your turn, can you see a behaviour that needs to be broken or changed? Maybe it’s time for a self-imposed social media ban, set more time aside for you or maybe it’s time to engage in a little mindfulness?

As always, if you need any advice or assistance feel free to drop me a line at info@annedaviesnutritonlifecoach.com.au


Much love




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