It would be remiss of me not to talk about men’s health. I know that some men read my blogs so this one goes out to each of you as your health is just as important as your Mum’s, Sisters, Girlfriends, Wives, Daughters, and those that you don’t label!

For as long as I can remember it has been taboo to talk about our health problems, but times have changed and it’s common to talk about our health, and mental health without being judged. In fact, I think we talk more openly and listen more intently that nothing really fazes us anymore; or is that just my family? Either way, I’m glad there is more focus on cancer, mental health, and health in general as it makes my life so much easier. Why? Well, I feel as though my clients are comfortable talking about their “secret” business in our sessions.

There are a few points I want to raise in this blog and bear with me as I have a feeling this blog might be a little long but boy will it be worth it.

  • Guys, you need to take control of your health and don’t leave it up to the women in your life to make your Dr’s appointments for you. Also, if your Dr or Nutritionist suggests you take supplements, take them, and don’t let her nag you.
  • Find a good Dr and stick with him/her; it makes life so much easier knowing you’ve got someone you can trust to help you navigate your way through better health.
  • Have your cholesterol and blood pressure checked every year especially if these run in your family or if you know you eat a bad diet and drink more than you should.
  • Did you know that more than 3,000 blokes die of prostate cancer each year? In fact, more men will die from prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer – scary! So, when you find your Dr get checked; these days it’s just a simple blood test.
  • For blokes over 50 who are reading this when was the last time, you were checked for bowel cancer? Stop avoiding the letters and kits the Government sends you and just do it. This is the second most common cancer in both men & women.
  • Experiment with your diet and incorporate some meat-free days or weeks and fill up on veggies and whole foods.
  • Stay away from processed foods or at least limit your intake.
  • Try to limit the about of alcohol you consume and if you’re a smoker then give up the dirty ciggies & vaping, they’re doing more harm to your body than you’ll ever know.
  • Try to combat stress through diet and exercise. These days you can be in and out of the gym in 1 hour thanks to the 30min HIIT classes.
  • Finally, look after your mental health. I am passionate about this topic and truly believe that there is help out there if you need it. If you’re not one to call a hotline or speak with a Dr then speak to a mate and remember #itaintweaktospeak


So, boys, I hope I’ve given you some things to think about and remember that if you need any nutritional advice email me at

Much love



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